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Plain A-line Overgarment
This is a plain basic overgarment with no detail
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $20.00
Hooded Overgarment
Color: Purple
Sport Cuff Overgarment
This is a Jean like brown fabric with brown sweat cuffs
Plain Garment w/ pockets
We sell custom made garments....To find out what is your exact measurement please use a measuring tape and measure around the largest part of your chest, hips (butt area), make a muscle and measure your bicep (top arm muscle), then measure your sleeve length and overgarment length. If you give me your basic measurements i will add on to make it into a perfect fitting overgarment. If you have problems call me 215-881-5830 CONTACT Tawanda @ 215-881-5830

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Welcome To OVERGARMENTS.COM CONTACT TAWANDA @ 215-881-5830 *******Be advised that when you choose your exact measurement without space the garments are made bigger*****

We Specialize in Custom made quality garments that are creative and unique.