We sell custom made garments....To find out what is your exact measurement please use a measuring tape and measure around the largest part of your chest, hips (butt area), make a muscle and measure your bicep (top arm muscle), then measure your sleeve length and overgarment length. If you give me your basic measurements i will add on to make it into a perfect fitting overgarment. If you have problems call me 215-881-5830 CONTACT Tawanda @ 215-881-5830
Overgarments.com is a co-existing company under the New I.D World Couture umbrella.New I.D began 6 years ago as a Islamic Attire Fashion Line. Then started making clothes for men, well known celebrities, and business people. So they converted to making more couture clothing do to the high volume in demand. This was why they came up with Overgarments.com to direct and cater to the Islamic communities as they did in the beginning. However we are bringing a whole new style, design, cut and color combinations to our customers. And finally we have a very large variety and price points.

Our contact information

By email: support@overgarments.com
Business email address: support@overgarments.com

By Phone: 215-881-5830


Shipping Information:

It takes one month for orders to be filled because they are being custom made by the order.

No refunds, no exchange , Overgarments are as is do to customized orders.
We Specialize in Custom made quality garments that are creative and unique.